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The Dojo Woking 
Welcomes You

Welcome to The Dojo Woking, a traditional Martial Arts and Fitness Centre in the Surrey area.

We provide a wide range of classes to  students from all backgrounds and levels. Adult and Junior classes include Koshiki Contact Karate,  K-1 Kickboxing, Female Kickboxing, PunchPulse Fitness, Boxing, Junior Karate and Junior Kickboxing, Hybrid-Core, KSK Self-Defence, One to One Training  (PT), Yoga and Meditation.

Take a look through our site to learn about our wide selection of classes, our dedicated team, important news, updates and much more.

 Training in Mind, Body and Spirit

11 Manor Way, Old Woking, GU22 9JX, Surrey, England, United Kingdom
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About The Dojo Woking 

(Ken Shin Kai)

'Dojo' is a place or school for immersive training/learning or meditation. This is traditionally in the field of martial arts. The term literally means "place of the Way" in Japanese. 


Ken Shin Kai was the name awarded to Ciarán from So Shihan Hanshi Masayuki Kukan Histataka for his Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karetedo and Koshiki Karate School and is the name, tradition and history behind The Dojo Woking.


The Dojo Woking was created out of a strong passion, a shared vision and a ceaseless commitment to making training fun and accessible.  Ken Shin Kai Dojo was initially established in Hampshire, UK in 2004 which was officially opened by Hanshi Masamitsu Kudaka in 2005 .  Ken Shin Kai Dojo in Surrey was established in 2008 and moved into its current full time Dojo home in 2015

     and it expanded to include K-1 Kickboxing classes and training in 2017 


Since opening, we’ve had the opportunity to help countless students acquire new skills, build self-confidence and achieve personal goals both within fitness and Martial Arts. 


Contact us with questions or to learn more!

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The Dojo Woking

Our Classes


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A friendly, fun, fitness class based on boxing and kickboxing pad-work.  Plenty of core and cardio included and classes vary from day to day to ensure variety of training.  Suitable for all levels of fitness whether or not you have done any boxing training before.

K-1 Kickboxing


The UKAMA Kickboxing Club launched kickboxing classes in our facility in Woking Surrey in 2015 to offer kickboxing classes to our Koshiki Karate members and expanded in 2017, to include non-members of our Dojo.

Koshiki Karate


A friendly Karate Dojo teaching the style of Kaiso Hisataka and his heir; So Shihan Hanshi Hisataka.  The syllabus is based on Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karatedo with the fighting system being Koshiki Contact Karate.

Junior Kickboxing

Junior Karate

Female Kickboxing

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Home: Products

K-1 based kickboxing suitable for all kids up to the age of 16 years

Hybrid Fitness

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A friendly Karate Dojo teaching the style of Kaiso Hisataka and his heir; So Shihan Hanshi Hisataka.  The syllabus is based on Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karatedo with the fighting system being Koshiki Contact Karate.


Female only K-1 based kickboxing class focusing on techniques and fight fitness. All levels welcome.

One to One (PT)

KSK Self-Defence


Classes covering all aspects of boxing training suitable from beginners to advanced.

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One to One personal training  - individually tailored, results driven workouts that deliver.  Hybrid sessions that build strength and fitness using elements from all classes @TheDojo for the ultimate training.


A friendly self-defence class where close contact self-defence techniques are taught.  The system is based on the techniques of Koshiki Karate, Aiki-Jutsu, Karate-Jutsu and Kickboxing.  Ideal for all levels of fitness and ability.

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Ciarán is a teacher, trainer, coach and mentor with over 20 years experience in the Martial Arts industry.  He has a deep passion for his Dojo and teaches more than just the physical aspects of Martial Arts. Ciarán guides all levels to reach their best self and achieve the skills that develop Courage, Confidence and Self Defence.  Fitness or fighting, you will get everything you require at The Dojo Woking.

Nathan Carnage Corbett 
11 x World Muay Thai Champion

“Having known  Ciaran Mitchell since the early 2000’s, when we trained together in traditional Ju Jitsu, I was always struck by his commitment and passion for his own styles of martial arts and his respect for other forms, his appetite for learning and improving  – “if it works then its good”.  Now to see such a rounded and accomplished Dojo/Club comes as no surprise and I would have no hesitation in recommending this as an excellent place to train whether you are a  beginner or a more experienced practitioner

Ian Ferguson, London Ju Jitsu

I'm relatively new to The Dojo Woking but I feel incredibly blessed to have found it. The time, passion and dedication that Ciaran has put into creating a safe and welcoming environment is phenomenal. For someone so talented he is one of the most humble people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Training with Ciaran is like nothing I've experienced at any gym or PT session. Be it as part of a class or one to one, he gives his undivided attention, guidance and encouragement to achieve the seemingly impossible and get the absolute best out of everyone he teaches.

As if that wasn't enough, The Dojo members are the warmest group of people you could wish to meet. All ages and fitness levels are bonded by their respect for a truly wonderful teacher and a shared passion for this beautifully calm and safe space... it's infectious.

I would encourage anyone stuck in a fitness rut, in need of head space or looking to learn a new skill to book a session at The Dojo Woking. It will take less than an hour to realise you've become part of the best kept secret in Surrey. 

Gabbie, Byfleet

Having initially joined in 2019 for recuperation following injury, I now attend every type of class almost every day and cannot keep myself away. Each class offers something different which is both mentally and physically stimulating. Ciaran provides an innovative and holistic approach to teaching, combining various martial arts for technique with positive reinforcement, determination and kindness encouraging all to push beyond preconceived limits. Classes are suitable for all ages, fitness levels, abilities and time constraints. Not only am I stronger, faster and developing a sense of my best self, my confidence has grown immensely through these classes and the supportive, friendly and positive community Ciaran has fostered. The Dojo permeates a sense of calm and belonging which is unique in comparison to its counterparts in my experience. I cannot recommend enough.

Fi-Marie, Dojo Member

My 11 year old son has been training with the dojo for about 6 years now and has never wanted to go anywhere else. Shihan has filled him with a passion for karate and it’s philosophy which will carry on into adulthood. Shihan‘s dedication and desire to train everyone at the dojo to be their best has inspired him to want to be a Shihan like him one day!

Karate Mum, West Byfleet

The Dojo Woking, has played a very important part in my life since 2014, a year to my 50th. I met Sensei Ben at a local park and he encouraged me to start full contact Karate.  My initial goal was to compete in a white collar boxing for my big birthday. I stepped into the world of Shihan Ciaran. He is a master of Koshiki Karate and Martial Arts aficionado. The Koshiki style is much more than physical and has become a passion (provisional black belt). I am physically stronger, more focused and driven to beat all challenges.  After 6 months at The Dojo, I gave up a 30 year plus smoking addiction.  I couldn’t have done this without the discipline The Dojo has instilled in me and the “want’ to actually quit.
The K-1 kickboxing in The Dojo is a physical endurance and the full contact aspect pushes all participants to another level. The fun is that you can train and spar with respect amongst all ages and abilities. There are no primadonnas or attitude when you enter The Dojo.
I thank my Shihan, Sensei, fellow Karateka, Kickboxers and all the Dojo crew for supporting me through 2 serious medical challenges. The Dojo Woking has welcomed me back from surgery and slowly built me back to strength. This isn’t just fitness, it is a way of life and The Dojo Woking is a family.

Peter, Woking

I’ve been coming to The Dojo Woking for nearly 2 years now and participated in a range of the classes available! Ciaran works incredibly hard, makes the place fun, exciting and most welcoming for everyone of all abilities from people wanting to learn marital arts to those just wanting to get fit. I can honestly say it’s my favourite place and a gym like no other with amazing people who support you, it truly is a little family! There is so much to learn and the classes are so diverse I’m always excited to attend!

Patrizia, Byfleet

‘I love classes @thedojowoking! I joined to get a bit fitter and lose some weight but it has become a bit of an obsession, Ciaran’s classes are brilliant fun & all the members are so supportive & encouraging’.

Toni, Dojo Member

I have been attending Fitness and Boxing classes for about a year and what I love most about training here is the lack of 'ego' from all who train and instruct at The Dojo. Having trained at several other clubs/gyms previously, this is a rare aspect and a culture of training I cherish. If you are considering whether this is the place for you to train, you can be assured it is and it won't be long before you become part of the family.

Dojo Member since 2019

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