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KSK Self-defence Courses
Demonstrating Self Defence Movements

We provide professional self-defence courses from our facilities in Surrey for groups of all ages.  Courses are run by Ciaran Mitchell, a Level 3 Self-Defence Instructor and Martial Arts Expert with over 30 years experience .  Courses cover a wide range of subjects relating to self-defence including legal aspects, laws relating to self-defence, use of force, and mind set.  Physical self-defence techniques  are taught the the EDIP Method of training..... Explained, Demonstrated, Questions Invited and then most importantly Practised. (EDIP)

All activities are carried out in the safe environment of The Dojo Woking  under the supervision of our  Instructors and Supervisors.


To Book your place,

TEL: 07833734916
Self-defence course will be held in our purpose built Dojo in Old Woking and Guildford Spectrum where all equipment necessary is provided.
Maximum capacity for course is 20 adults.
Technical training will take place on the matted floor, therefore soft sole shoes/socks or barefoot are the options for training.
Course will commence promptly at set time and run for 80 minutes.
Please arrive to register 15 minutes before class is due to start.
Ensure you wear suitable clothing for the training involved.  Details are provided on the application form.
Have your own drinks or snack to be taken as required during short interval.
We cover all aspect of legalities relating to the laws that govern the use of force and this will make up the first part of each class in a classroom format.
Notepads and pens are required for this part of the course in order to take notes and questions for later.

Classroom style information on self-defence, the law, all aspect of course to be covered during class.
Technical Explanation of drills to be covered.
Demonstration of techniques to be covered.
Warm up for practise.
Invitation for questions and discussions.
Practise the drills repeatedly and under supervision with correction as needed.
Cool down after practise.
Questions and discussions.
Conclusion and sign out.
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