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2020 Sport Woking Award

 Community Contribution of the Year  

Ciarán Mitchell, Coach @ The Dojo Woking

The Sport Woking Awards 2020 celebrate those who have continued to excel in the face of adversity and shown inspirational leadership helping others to achieve their personal best. 

Sports Award 2020.jpg

The award for Community Contribution of the Year went to Ciarán Mitchell coach @TheDojoWoking who is a Karate World Champion.  Ciarán has created a strong community through his teaching of martial arts, which centres around the Dojo that he built from scratch. From the detailed nominations received, his impact on this community during the pandemic was clearly felt. 

“Working tirelessly and not taking a day off in months, when the doors to the Dojo were temporarily closed he ran Zoom classes often two, three or even four times a day. Families were able to train together and everyone's fitness levels soared!”  

“Ciarán has an inspirational story himself having recovered from Leukaemia twice and being a proud member of AA heading into his twelfth year sober. He has so much life experience and knowledge that he selflessly shares with all those lucky enough to learn from him. A World Champion in Karate (something he never boasts about, you need only watch him), he is an incredible leader, mentor and one of the most humble men you will ever meet. The Dojo makes everyone feel special and valued. Ciarán works with children struggling with bullying and anxiety and shows them the strength to overcome anything, be confident and be proud.”

January, 2021

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