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About the Dojo Woking

The Dojo Woking was created out of a strong passion, a shared vision and a ceaseless commitment to making training fun and accessible.  Ken Shin Kai Dojo was initially established in Hampshire, UK in 2004 which was officially opened by Hanshi Masamitsu Kudaka in 2005 .  Ken Shin Kai Dojo in Surrey was established in 2004 and moved into its current full time Dojo home in 2015 and it expanded to include K-1 Kickboxing classes and training in 2017.


Since opening, we’ve had the opportunity to help countless students acquire new skills, build self-confidence and achieve personal goals both within fitness and Martial Arts.

Ken Shin Kai was the name awarded to Ciarán from So Shihan Hanshi Masayuki Kukan Histataka for his Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karetedo and Koshiki Karate School and is the name, tradition and history behind The Dojo Woking.


Nathan Carnage Corbett - 11x Muay Thai World Champion

"Ciarán is a teacher, trainer, coach and mentor with over 20 years experience in the Martial Arts industry.  He has a deep passion for his Dojo and teaches more than just the physical aspects of Martial Arts. Ciarán guides all levels to reach their best self and achieve the skills that develop Courage, Confidence and Self Defence.  Fitness or fighting, you will get everything you require at The Dojo Woking."

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